Printed Table Cloths & Covers For Event & Showroom Display

A solid promotional display table at an exhibit is an indispensable part of the U.S.A. trade show circuit. The table component is often made of a lightweight trestle available from most hardware stores or home centers for about $30 and our custom branded table covers help to convert those into a polished, promotional advertising area for your brand. This combinations portability makes them ideal not only for trade shows but in showrooms and offices as well. To ensure the effectiveness of your next event or trade show attendance we recommend engaging our free design service to draft you a promotional table cover before production and delivery to your doorstep.

Our top design tips for printed tablecloths

At its core, a tabletop exhibit is nothing more than a set of graphic panels, which means that designing the graphics on branded table cloths is the most crucial step in the display's success. Most trade show attendees only look at individual exhibits for a few seconds, and a single large, impactful image can tell them what the company is all about.

A tabletop display should be thought of as more of a billboard than a brochure. If the exhibit is filled with images and text, it will look more like a science project than a professional display. However, using a small exhibit does not give creators a license to take shortcuts. Attendees often get close to smaller exhibits, and high-quality graphics and images are a definite must.

Choose throw table covers or fitted and stretch table cloths

Printed tablecloths and table throws can greatly increase the effectiveness of a tabletop exhibit. Trade show attendees can immediately tell when exhibitors use the venue's generic table skirts, and doing so says little about the amount of effort a company puts into the show. Printed table covers in a solid color with the company logo on the front can increase the exhibit's impact while creating a polished appearance and the illusion of a bigger display.

However, table covers are not a reliable way to deliver a message. All images, logos, and text are below visitors' eye level, and just one onlooker can block the message completely. Color matching is essential, and exhibitors should buy their table covers and throws from the same vendor if possible.

Train Sales Staff to Interact With Viewers

For many trade show exhibitors, staff training is an afterthought. Most staffers are regional or local sales reps that only work the occasional trade show. This creates an environment where staff has no investment in the program's success and no idea of how to run a booth. The staff is there to grab attendees' attention and recruit new clients. Therefore, exhibit managers should choose staff members who know the mission and train them on conversational skills, lead qualification, and booth maintenance.

Promote your trade show booth

Where overlooked elements are concerned, promotions are right up there with employee training. However, exhibitors that ignore promotional opportunities are missing out on something big. Attendees don't know how big a booth is until they visit, and small-time exhibitors can generate awareness through hospitality events, sponsorship and press conferences. Just be sure to have enough staff to accommodate potential new customers.

While other elements of a trade show display in California receive more attention, there's a lot to be said for table covers and throws. By following the tips above, an exhibitor can create a tablecloth that's sure to make customers want to know more about the company's products and services.