Golf Umbrellas Custom Printed with Your Logo

There are many benefits to using Printed Umbrellas as a branding tool. According to a recent survey, 52% of respondents in America were more likely to buy from a company after receiving one of its promotional products, and an almost equal number used the product each day. Those numbers are really hard to beat! Below is a range of corporate umbrellas and golf umbrellas available fully branded with your logo. If you can't quite imagine it then just send us a quote request and we will draft a 100% free mock up and no obligation quote!

Umbrellas Give Greater Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is a primary goal for businesses of all sizes. It’s often difficult to make a brand stand out and leave an impression on customers, both potential and current. Creative marketing is a must, and promotional products like umbrellas can increase brand awareness. By customizing items that customers can use each day, a company can keep its products fresh in customers’ minds.

Wide Outreach, Low Cost

Most small businesses are on a limited budget, and it can be hard to choose which marketing items work well for the situation. Branded umbrellas and other promotional products have a relatively small cost, but their impact can be substantial and enduring. Giveaways are a great way to build brand loyalty, and including takeaways with purchases is a creative, modern way to say “thank you”.

It’s a Different Kind of Business Card

While a business card will remain a corporate staple, promo items are a fun way to give potential customers a way to get in touch. Instead of leaving a lead with a business card, consider leaving a card and a branded product.

It’s Tactile

Where business marketing is concerned, repeat exposure should be first and foremost in the owner’s mind. With a little thought about which items customers want, business owners can constantly keep the company in front of an audience at a low cost. For example, for a golf equipment store, promotional golf umbrellas will help customers remember who to call when they need new clubs.

It’s a Very Powerful Platform

A varied marketing portfolio is a crucial component to success. No one likes to eat the same lunch every day, and the same principles can be applied to business. Although marketing staples are important, varying what’s used to brand the business is vital as well. Keeping customers guessing will make them wonder what will happen next, and it can keep them interested in a company’s products and services.

Opening the Lines of Communication

In many cases, giving an item or gift to a potential customer encourages them to reciprocate for the gesture. As far as promotional items are concerned, giving something to a visitor will likely make them want to do business. Promo items are a good way to start the conversation and keep customers coming back to see what’s new.

Giving out free promotional items such as umbrellas is a great way to engage potential and current customers. With a giveaway, a business owner can break the ice and get customers talking. Because the customer got something for free, they’re more likely to listen to what the owner has to say.