Advertising institute research paper

The ASI (Advertising Specialties Institute) conducted a massive study on the effectiveness and ownership stats of promotional items. Here is the latest information they compiled to support the use of promotional items in business.

The most influential promotional items by type

By Type

Do promotional products last in the hands of the recipient?

Keep time on average

Absolutely. The ASI determined that Across all promotional products,the average was just over seven months .  Some products, such as calendars, can stay around for about a year, while others, especially health and safety products and writing instruments, last for about six months . Calendars, which have the longest staying power, are the one item used most often for reference purposes, such as referring to a name or phone number.

The results were that a staggering 14 months was the average keep time for promotional umbrellas, Considering our printed golf umbrellas average at around 6-10 dollars each, we think that 14 months of advertising is extremely good value. And remember your not just getting your brand seen by the recipient, everywhere that person uses your umbrella is another branding impression from passers by, colleagues, attendees and other business people.


These items continue to stick around after being passed along too

Consumers who receive ad specialty products will typically give them to someone else when they are finished with them, thus furthering the advertiser’s reach. In the U.S and Canada, nearly two-thirds of ad specialties that are not wanted are given away. In fact, in most countries, more than half of consumers report that they will give away a product that they are finished with rather then throw it out or file it away.

Giveaway stats

So just what are the amount of impressions you could get?

For this section, the average number of impressions each promotional product receives was calculated.The number of impressions a product makes was derived from multiplying how long a recipient has the product to how many people they come in contact with each month while using it.

In the U.S.A, bags continue to generate the most impressions (5,772) of any item measured in the study. This is because bags are used often in public places where they can be seen by many people . Other items that deliver a large number of impressions are writing instruments, hats, outerwear and shirts.

Impression Share

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