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With so many people passing by, it might seem like making an impression at a trade show or other event should be easy. In fact, trade shows and other kinds of events are often intensely competitive, with every exhibitor striving to stand out. As a result, booths and displays that do not command attention can drag down the value of any trade show or other exhibition effort. Exhibition booths that succeed at drawing the eyes and interest of attendees, on the other hand, can produce some truly impressive returns. Our clients find that putting together a cost-effective booth that will stand out on the trade-show floor is easier than ever before.

Customized Building Blocks for Trade Show Success

There are many different ways of filling booth space, and they can be mixed and combined to fit any budget, set of goals, and strategy. Additional pieces can also be added later on to enhance the impact of a booth design as more is learned about how it performs on the show floor.

  • Banners and Signs. Affordable and easy to set up, custom-printed banners, and signs deliver a lot of attention-getting function for very little investment. Pull-up banners can be positioned anywhere there is space, whether to fill an unused plot of floor or to liven up the background. An interchangeable design means that new banner skins can be used with existing stands, lowering costs even more. Custom-printed signs are as simple as it gets while delivering flexibility that often comes in handy. Many exhibitors find that strategic use of signs and banners helps them freshen up and refine trade-show presences in cost-effective ways.
  • Media and Display Walls. These pieces take the basic, versatile banner to an impressive new level. Affordability is once again a strong point, as a small amount of custom-printed material covers a large amount of highly visible space. A straight media wall can act as the visual foundation for just about any booth, while a curved display wall adds even more graphical impact to larger spaces. Sturdy aluminum frames are light, durable, and easy to set up, with even large walls packing down small enough to be carried comfortably by one person.
  • Event Podiums. A custom-printed podium can provide useful functionality and product display space while keeping a booth uncluttered. Durable materials and striking custom graphics stand up and out in the most challenging trade show environments. An ingenious fold-up design makes transport, setup, and break-down easy while offering sturdy, reliable support when in service. Adding a customized podium or two to a trade-show toolkit can open up new possibilities when booth sizes vary from one event to the next.
  • Table Covers. A customized cover can transform a simple folding table into something special. For those just getting started with trade shows, a table cover coupled with some banners and signs can be a great way to test the waters. Veteran exhibitors often make heavy use of the right kinds of covers, as well. Loose fitted covers drape over standard-sized tables easily, while stretch fitted covers cling more tightly to create a cleaner, tighter look. Throw over covers can be arranged to accommodate just about any table at all.

Free Design Services, Fast Turnaround, Low Prices, and More

Our free design services make it easy to customize any of these products for the greatest possible impacts and results. Trade show displays that leverage our design services always attract attention because our experienced artists understand how to make them stand out.

Event displays can also be put together quickly because we offer fast turnaround on orders of all kinds and sizes. That makes it easy to stay up to date, as well, by quickly adding an affordable new banner that highlights a recent launch or other development.

All of our products are also designed and produced to stand up to heavy, regular use under demanding conditions. Exhibition displays that look ragged, worn, or faded can produce the wrong impression, while ours keep looking great show after show.

Finally, our low prices and top-quality customer service complete the picture for our clients. While trade shows and other events can be challenging, we strive to help every client succeed. For any show in the U.S.A. or elsewhere, we can provide what it takes to stand out.