Corporate & Custom Branded Power Banks

These promotional branded power banks can be fully branded with your choice of logo, contact details, made in custom colors and even engraved on metal models. Full digital printing of photographic images and gradients is also available on demand and we have a complete art studio to assist you with designing the perfect power bank to suit your promotion. Browse models below and just reach out to us using the form (left) when you are ready to proceed!

A branded power bank could save your clients a world of hassle!

Smartphones and other digital devices have become integral parts of everyday life for most. Having a device lose its charge can be more than just annoying—it can be downright devastating. Compact, portable Power Banks and chargers make it easy to coax a discharged battery back to life or top up one for the long day ahead. Custom Branded Power Banks Can remind their owners of your company in ways that build goodwill, mind share, and gratitude. Available in a wide range of form factors, capacities, and styles, our branded power bank and charger products are affordable and easy to order.

The Basic Choice: Power Bank or Charger?

  • A power bank contains a battery, much like portable digital devices do. Because it stores its own charge, it can be used anywhere to charge another device. Even when no outlet, powered USB port, or other sources of external power are available, a charged power bank can make a difference.
  • A charger takes power from a source like a wall plug, in-car cigarette lighter, or a computer's USB port and feeds to it a digital device for charging. Some chargers are designed to work only with devices that use either USB or Apple's Lightning connector, although adapters are also available.

A charger will typically top off a device's charge more quickly than a power bank, making it preferable when an appropriate outlet is available. Because a power bank does not need an outlet at all, though, it can save the day in cases where a charger might be useless as long as the power bank itself is already charged.

An Option to Suit Every Budget and Branding Goal

Thanks to our wide selection, finding the perfect power bank or charger for your brand is always easy. Either basic style of product can make a great promotional gift. In addition to displaying your branding in prominent, eye-catching fashion, many of our charging-related products also include distinctive, special features.

  • A Built-In Flashlight. A flashlight can be every bit as welcome and helpful as a way to charge a digital device. A promotional product that combines a handy flashlight with a power bank can do double duty for its owner and your brand, as well.
  • Charge Level Display. Keeping a power bank charged is the best way of making sure it will be able to serve when needed. A digital display or integrated LED indicator makes it easy to see whether a bank is charged and ready to go.
  • Combined Stylus and USB Charger. For tablet users and others, a well-made stylus can make work much easier. A stylus with a built-in USB-to-micro-USB cable ensures that many common digital devices can always be charged from handy computer ports and the like.
  • Mounting Options and Other Features. Built-in suction cups, specially designed shapes, and other features can make a charger or power bank even easier to use. Products with Apple's MFi certification guarantee reliability and compatibility alike.

Quality, Value, and Service

All our power bank products incorporate top-quality cells that provide long life and plenty of capacity. Our chargers are also built to last, ensuring they'll be ready to go whenever they're needed.

At the same time, our charging-related promotional products are also extremely affordable, particularly considering their quality of construction and overall utility. Our in-house design team can help you easily make the most of the considerable promotional power any of these useful products deliver. Corporate phone chargers can be some of the most effective promotional gifts of all. Get in touch with us for a free quote and to learn more.