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Custom Printed Bags Made To Any Size With Your Branding

Put some thought into choosing printed promotional bags to give out as a promo item, choose carefully based on your target audience and the occasion such as an event or fundraiser. Or as a retail bag in your store. For a showbag option the Main Street Tote is a brilliant little option, for larger corporate events you can give people a conference tote like the Amanda sling backpack which has pockets for booklets, marketing info and mobile phones etc.

Customers love a promotional bag for the road

Your about to go out to the shops, but which bag do you take? every bag is unique and each has got a different purpose. The best way to select a bag is the things one needs to keep inside it and the occasion or place where the user intends to carry it. So now thinking from your point of view as a business owner or promoter, think long and hard about where your clients will take the bag and what they might place in it. If your at an event then a cheaper tote bag with your brochures might be a good idea, or a higher end backpack or duffle bag could work as a end of season gift for sports teams or higher end corporate staff. A promotional bag will never go astray.

Tote Bags

The most commonly used as promotional gifts are the tote bags. A tote bag is a large bag having double handles in the form of straps with the top kept open. Being large, a tote bag can be used to carry anything. It can be used easily for the shopping purposes or one can also use it while visiting a beach.

Duffle Bags

Second in the list is the duffle bag whose origin is in Belgium. These were originally made from tailored cloth in the form of a large cylinder. The duffle bags are generally used for carrying luggage as it can not only bear heavy weight but also provides more space than the standard bags. Hence, it can be used while traveling or during sports sessions and in other circumstances especially where the conditions are rough than expected.

Satchel Bags

This is a sort of essential handbag which can be both medium to large in size and it can almost hold everything.

Cooler Bags

These bags help to keep cool items in the same state while they are kept inside the bag and carried for some time.

Corporate Bags

These bags are the perfect ones for the people who are working in the corporate sector. They have ideal compartments and pockets for keeping all the important files and documents in an arranged manner. They are usually big in size and give a person a look of elegance.


Backpacks in UK are also known as rucksacks and is a bag which one takes on the back. The bag gets the support with the double handles while the person taking it rests it on a single or both shoulders. It is generally carried by hikers and students. These bags can carry heavy loads and also other equipments.

Messenger Bags

Most of the times the messenger bags are known to be the courier bags and they are mostly rectangle in shape. The messenger bags can be taken across the body or on the shoulders. These bags have a great holding capacity and can used for a variety of purposes.