Custom Printed Fanny Packs & Travel Bags

The good old fanny pack, also called bum bags and travel bags. They are a great, cheap promotional bag that can be emblazoned with your logo for all the world to see. Give them to volunteers who are collecting donations, give them to clients to say thanks for being our customer, or give them to staff who travel in their job role to stow small items such as wallets and phones. Promotional and branded fanny packs are a great little promo item so don't delay, request a quote today and we will respond with further info and a written quote for your perusal!

Three Advantages of Offering Promotional Fanny Packs

The fanny pack is one of the most versatile promotional products out there today. This gives it a higher likelihood of being used by the recipient and the company getting the exposure it desires. Promotional FannyPacks can be used instead of a tote bag, wallet or purse and because they offer an additional layer of security, they are perfect for outdoor events where they provide maximum value for the company. There are several advantages to offering this product to volunteers, event-goers or the general public.

Convenient products for travellers

This promotional item will get the most attention if it is used during a corporate-sponsored or charity event. It's the perfect additional to the hot dogs, games and grand prize. Best of all, the fanny pack is free for the event goer. Since they don't have any investment in the pouch, they are more likely to attach it to their waist as they walk around the event, feeling grateful for the gift that will help them keep their money safe.

Versatile branding area and print options

The best thing about these products is that they can be used over and over. A company only needs to invest once to get exposure in multiple venues. Volunteers or participants in an event might receive their free fanny packs to help them keep their money or other valuables safe as they walk through crowds of people but, when they get home, they find the pouch is great for boating, hiking, running or just about anything else that a person might do out in the open. A wallet or purse could get lost or stolen. Fanny packs are attached securely around the owner's waist, making them much more difficult to lose.

Great exposure for your brand

Custom branded travel bags are available in a wide range of colors and styles. Choosing to provide a pouch with an additional pocket or space for a water bottle makes the gift unique and more likely to stand out from all the other promotional items a person might receive at the event. The key to success with promotional products is to offer something so useful and unique that people will use it all the time.

Every time a person attaches their fanny pack to their waist, others will see the company name and logo, giving the person carrying the bag an opportunity to give their testimonial and earn a new customer for the business. Experts say a consumer must be exposed to a company between five and seven times before they will remember it. Printed fanny packs help keep the company name in front of more people.

There are thousands of promotional products on the market today. Many are very inexpensive and not very likely to convert recipients into company ambassadors. However, when a company is willing to make a larger investment, the rewards can be great. Nearly everyone can use a fanny pack from time to time, but few people will go into a store specifically looking for one. When a company offers them exactly what they need and the product is free, they'll be grateful and have no problem wearing the company name around their waist.

Both new and established companies can take advantage of this product when they sponsor charity events. Any company whose target market includes people who love the outdoors can get a great return on investment by opting for fanny packs among the many choices in promotional products.

It's not hard for someone who enjoys outdoor activities to find value in a fanny pack. They can carry their personal items or small things their children might need in a handy pouch while continuing to have their hands available. The people who use them will surely show their gratitude to the company who offered this very useful item in the form of their own business or recommendations to friends and family.