Custom Printed Tote Bags Made To Any Size

Printed tote bags are a great promotional tool for a variety of reasons. From their eco-friendliness to their effectiveness in spreading a message about a brand, there's never been a more appropriate time to market your business with branded tote bags. Below, business owners can learn a few reasons why they should consider creating a printed tote bag for their corporate brand. With America's lowest prices on printed tote bags and free artwork services for all enquiries we cannot be beaten so put us to the test today. Browse bags below and simply request a quote to begin the order process.

Why are companies everywhere using printed tote bags?

It isn't every day you come across a promotional item that is usable, long lasting, affordable and has a huge branding area. There is a reason that printed tote bags are proving highly popular for businesses to promote their company image, and it is because tote bags tick all of those boxes. Available in a range of in stock colors with up to 4 color screen print or full color photographic transfer there is plenty of options to choose from.

This is why the advertising specialty institute rates totes in their top 5 promotional items in the world. Remember, cheap, big branding that will stay with your intended recipient for years to come. And they are not limited to just retail stores and shopping centers or chain stores, smaller companies can buy small print runs of tote bags and higher end corporate companies can give people information packs like printed catalogues and marketing collateral inside a tote bag so they can take it home and peruse your info. Don't limit yourself to just the ordinary branded items like business cards and pens.

They're Great for Brand Building

A promotional item's primary function is to promote a brand. Customized reusable bags are an effective way to build brand recognition. When a person receives a bag with the company's name and logo, they will think of the business every time they use it. When a customer carries one of these bags, they're basically carrying a small billboard everywhere they go. Using and carrying a branded tote bag is an endorsement, and customers' families will build positive associations with the brand as they see these bags used.

They Reduce a Business' Carbon Footprint

When a company creates promotional bags from sustainable or recyclable materials, they minimize the company's carbon footprint and put fewer disposable bags into the landfill. Sustainably grown materials such as jute, bamboo, and cotton are plant-based, and they convert greenhouse gases into oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Once these bags reach the end of their useful life, they can be composted or recycled. Eco-friendly bags make a great promotional tool because they give new life to items that may otherwise end up as trash.

They Provide a Great Value for the Marketing Dollar

All business owners want to maximize their marketing budgets. By using a factory-direct vendor, business owners won't pay a middleman's markup, and they'll get bags that can see years of use. Every bag is different, and the way a customer uses it will determine how long it lasts. If these bags are well cared for, they can serve as an advertisement for five years or more.

Reusable Bags: Great for Branding and for the Planet

Companies promote their services and products with Printed tote bags for many reasons. From the positive environmental impact to their brand building effectiveness, custom tote bags can offer tremendous benefits to businesses.