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A visit to a consumer or trade show can allow potential customers to come away with an abundance of promotional items, but not all are created equal. To be effective, a giveaway item must send a clear message, and it must be unique or useful enough to make the recipient want to use and keep it. Everyone likes getting something free, and Promo technology gifts can help companies give customers a good impression. When deciding what to give away at the next trade show, company owners should consider the answers to these questions.

Questions to Answer Before Distributing Technology Gifts

If you are in the market for a promotional product that will be utilized on a daily basis by your target clientele. Then a technology gift or promotional gadget could be perfect. Things like power banks, phone chargers, cables and adapters or even phone covers can be a great way to get your brand seen or keep it fresh in peoples minds. We offer a range of tech gifts and goodies below, simple browse our range and request a quote or add products to your quote cart to proceed with an official quote.

What Does the Company Want to Accomplish With the Giveaway?

Trade show freebies should be designed to increase the company's brand recognition and convey a clear message. While it's important to craft a marketing message that has an impact, it's equally vital to choose a promo item that fits the company's image and goals.

How Will the Premium Item be Chosen?

Technology Gifts are just some of the best trade show giveaways, but it can be difficult for a company owner to decide which items will fulfill the purpose. The first step is to determine an objective. An item can enhance a company's theme, tie in with its marketing messages, or educate the target market. When the purpose of a giveaway is clear, the selection process becomes easier.

How Will Customers Receive the Premium?

Forming a clear goal for a promotional campaign can help the company owner decide who will receive it. It may be beneficial to have different gifts for varying groups of visitors. For instance, the highest-quality Promotional tech items can be reserved for VIP customers and prospects, while minor trinkets such as mouse pads can be handed out to passersby.

How are the Marketing Theme and the Giveaway Related?

In the tech industry, it's easy to choose promotional items that organically complement a company's marketing messages. It's easy to imprint messaging on flash drives, mouse pads and other items, and prominently displayed corporate branding can keep a company in the customer's mind long after the trade show is over.

What is the Company's Promotional Budget?

Tech gifts are available in a wide range of prices, and quantity, quality and special orders can all affect pricing. It's important for company owners to set a trade show marketing budget, and ordering similar items for multiple shows can help companies cut costs. The higher the order quantity, the lower the per-unit price will be.

How do Visitors Qualify for the Giveaway?

There are multiple ways for companies to leverage the power of tech gift giveaways. For instance, premiums can be given as a reward for visitors' participation in a demonstration or contest, or in return for qualifying information. While it may be tempting to leave items out for visitors to take, this diminishes their value as well as the campaign's memorability factor.

How Will the Company's Target Market Find Out About the Giveaway Item?

A sufficiently useful or unique giveaway item can help to bring prospects to a trade show booth. Therefore, it's important to tell prospects about the premium. Before the show, send a teaser invitation that includes information about the giveaway or start a multi-part giveaway where prospects must visit the booth to get the second part of the premium.

How Will the Effectiveness of the Premium be Measured?

While giveaways are a great way to build interest in a new company, they're useless without a way to track results. It's important to establish a tracking system to determine the success of promotional campaigns. For instance, redemption items can be coded so the company knows they came from a specific trade show. A post-exhibit follow-up can include questions about the item's reception and its usefulness. Following a show, the company owner should evaluate the giveaway with the exhibit team. Consider the answers to these questions.

  • Did the item bring certain prospects to the trade show booth?
  • Was the tech gift eye-catching enough to grab visitors' attention?
  • Did customers find the gift useful?
  • Did the gift portray the company in the best possible light?

There are many useful and exciting ways to promote a business, and tech gifts are more practical than the usual keychains, coffee mugs, and pencils. When companies make their premiums work for them, it's money well spent.