High Quality Printed Speakers With Your Custom Logo

Tired of the same old corporate giveaways, hampers and other gift items? Then promotional branded speakers could be a nifty way to promote your company! Say thanks for existing clients, or get staff motivated with a great incentive gift custom branded with your logo. All of our promotional speakers are made to exact standards and don't sound cheap or tinny. Contact us for a 100% Free, no obligation quote!

Music makes life more pleasant and enjoyable. Just about everyone today carries a smartphone or tablet that can play music on demand. Built-in speakers might do the job in a pinch, but they tend to sound tinny and lack volume. Printed promotional speakers can take digital music to the next level while attracting positive attention to your brand. Our custom-printed speakers are available with a wide variety of options that ensure any branding goal can be achieved.

Three Common Ways of Getting Connected

Probably the most basic consideration is how different speakers connect to the devices that supply them with music. There are three common options, each with its own advantages.

  • Bluetooth is a wireless standard supported by pretty much all of today's portable digital devices. Beaming music to a speaker wirelessly requires a bit of power from a smartphone or other device, meaning that battery life will be shortened to some degree. The convenience and flexibility that Bluetooth affords, though, often make it a great choice.
  • A 3.5mm wired connection is a common alternative. A speaker with a 3.5mm cable connection will be able to plug into any device with a headphone jack. That includes just about every smartphone, tablet, and computer, although not Apple's most recent iPhone 7 models, by default. A 3.5mm connection will even work with many older devices that do not support Bluetooth.
  • A microphone-based connection does away with the need for any kind of setup. All that it takes to get started is to place a device such that its built-in speaker is in the right position. The external speaker takes over from there, amplifying whatever music or other sounds it is supplied with.

A Wide Range of Features, Formats, and Styles

Custom branded speakers don't stop there when it comes to options, either. Our selection of customizable speakers includes models with useful features.

  • A Rechargeable battery provides a convenient, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable ones. A portable Bluetooth speaker with a battery that charges via USB can make beautiful music just about anywhere.
  • A built-in stand holds a phone or tablet up for easy viewing while the speaker pumps out tunes. In addition to making it easier to pick the next song, an integrated stand makes working or watching videos more convenient.
  • An integrated microphone allows a speaker to be easily used for conference calls and other kinds of communications. When a meeting comes to an end, a speaker of this kind can just as well be used to play music.
  • Suction cups, lights, camera shutters, and other features make every speaker something special. Whether by more easily keeping a speaker in place, adding some visual pizzazz, or making it easier to take photos, our branded speakers go far beyond the basics.

Low Prices, Top Quality, and Unbeatable Service

Branded speakers always make great promotional gifts, with just about everyone being glad to receive one. Our fun, functional, customized speakers come straight from our own factory, allowing us to guarantee quality in every case.

Our highly experienced designers also develop the perfect custom branding for any of our products. With our guaranteed low prices, you can be sure of making the most of your budget, too. All that it takes to get started is to request a free quote. Our experts can help you select the perfect customized speakers to achieve your promotional goals.