Promotional Phone Covers & Printed Smartphone Cases

If you need a top shelf promotional item at an affordable price. Then printed phone covers and cases are definitely going to get your brand seen by people. Literally every adult has a cellphone these days so why not take advantage of this and promote your company on the back side of a printed or promotional phone cover. We have sizes and shapes available to suit most phones, and we offer massive discounts on bulk volume orders. Just add some of these items to your cart and we will provide a written quote and a free mock up.

Promote a Business With Printed Phone Covers

Printed phone covers and tablet covers serve multiple purposes, which makes them a great investment and an ideal promotional tool for business owners. Many people couldn’t imagine life without their favorite mobile devices and, because they’re so important, users want to protect them as much as possible. When company owners and managers want to get the corporate name and logo in front of thousands of potential customers, they should consider the following benefits of protective phone cases.

A Case Offers Solid Protection for the Customer’s Device

During the average day, a user’s electronic device is exposed to various hazards. A scratched screen is not only a nuisance, it can make it hard to use the device. Printed phone covers protect devices from liquid spills, the sun’s heat, airborne pollutants, and unfortunate accidents.

Phone Cases Add Style and Make the Company Stand Out

Most users have their phones and tablets within reach at all times and, for many, a phone case is somewhat of a fashion accessory. A colorful case with the company logo can help a gray, black, or white phone look more stylish, and a unique case makes it easier for a user to identify his or her device if it’s lost.

Cases Match Users’ Lifestyles

Promotional phone covers come in multiple designs, which allows the giveaway sponsor to choose one that will work best for most users’ lifestyles. Most people use their phones quite a bit, and companies with such clients should get the corporate logo on rugged, protective cases. For clients who use their phones as fashion accessories, designer custom printed cases can give a device a new, unique look.

Custom Cases Offer Cost-Efficient Protection

A new cell phone case can absorb impact and prevent the phone from becoming damaged even if the case itself must be replaced. One of the best things about a printed phone case is that it’s usually easy and inexpensive to replace.

Customers Can Collect a Variety of Cases

Custom phone case printing services can print a company’s name, logo, contact info, or anything else on blank phone cases. Some companies create a series of phone cases, which encourages customers to come back to complete their collections. Once a customer starts a collection, they’ll find it hard to stop—but they’ll find it easy and fun to give their device a new look. Best of all, they will think of the company every time they use their phone.

Cases are Easy for Users to Install

When a user buys a new phone, it’s usually set up by an associate at the phone store. Most people don’t know how to perform their own phone repairs and have to take the device for service or replacement. After a cycle of constant repairs, a person may feel as if they can’t control what happens to their device. However, phone cases are easy, simple installations that customers can do on their own. Cases are easy to put on and take off, which means regular customers can swap them on a regular basis. When a customer uses a custom-printed phone case from their favorite company, it gives them a new sense of ownership and control over an expensive device.

Cases are Available in Materials to Match Any Company’s Needs

Most phone cases are made of rubber or plastic, but there are plenty of other options for companies that are looking for new promotional items. Today’s phone cases can be made from rugged silicone, classic looking wood, brushed metal, and even embossed leather. With promotional phone cases, style, color, and printing options are nearly endless, and business owners can keep the company’s name in front of customers.