Branded First Aid Kits & Promotional Med Kits

Do you need a great corporate giveaway gift or a branded gift for your clients or staff. If you work in the work safety industry, risk assessment, medical services or emergency services then first aid kits can be a great item to give people. People who have just completed their first aid certificate can be given a med kit with the training organizations contact details embroidered or printed and this reminds people where to go for all their medical training needs. Browse our med kits below and reach out to us for a free quote, or add multiple items to your quote basket and then checkout to receive a formal written quote.

A Guide to Promotional First Aid Kits

First aid kits and the training to properly use them are essential, but they're rarely a topic of conversation. However, when they're needed, users will be grateful that they're available. Even if someone only has a small kit, they have a great way to treat minor issues and prevent them from becoming major problems. Here, readers can learn more about Promotional first aid kits.

Ready-Made First Aid Kits

Most users prefer pre-made first aid kits, as they save money and time compared to buying supplies and assembling the kit at home. Another good reason to choose a premade kit is to ensure that no important tools or supplies are overlooked. When determining which kit to buy for customers, companies should consider these factors:

  • Group size. Companies that make Promo med kits typically estimate the number of users the kit will cover, but results often vary. Larger kits include an abundance of expendable supplies such as pain medicines, ointments, and bandages, while medical tools such as tweezers and thermometers remain relatively constant.
  • Trip length. A maker of first aid kits may package everything in a waterproof pouch for swimmers, boaters, and kayakers. Lighter, smaller kits are great for hikers and trail runners, and comprehensive kits are great for weekend camping trips.
  • Inclusivity. Even if a recipient doesn't know how to use every part of a first aid kit, it can still be beneficial because others may have more extensive knowledge. Users can also grow into these kits by receiving additional training.

Regardless of the kit the user receives, they should use it in consideration of trip risks and special needs. If a trip takes the user where poison ivy is a concern, they should add the appropriate treatment. When someone in the group requires prescription medicines, they should be added to the first aid kit. During group trips, members should be aware of the special supplies in others' kits.

Getting Enough Kits for Everyone

When companies consider using Branded first aid kits as promotional tools, they should consider how the kits are used. Most recipients will need more than one kit, particularly when traveling in a group. Even if there's an overall kit for the entire group, everyone should have a personal first aid kit to treat minor nicks and scratches. Many people participate in multiple outdoor sports, and it's good to have a specific kit for each pursuit.

Adding to a First Aid Kit

One of the most important parts of the first aid kit is the bag, pouch or box that holds it all. Larger kits can include an assortment of sealable plastic bags and bottles, as well as waterproof markers to label things. Below are a few things users should consider adding to a promotional first aid kit.

  • Adhesive bandages
  • Athletic tape
  • Gauze
  • Blister remedies
  • Anti-inflammatory pain medicines such as ibuprofen
  • Triple antibiotic ointment
  • Antacids
  • Anti-diarrhea medicines
  • Rehydration salts
  • Prescription medications

It's also a good idea to add basic medical tools, such as a small mirror, tweezers, blunt scissors and a knife or razor blade. Specialized first aid kits can include additions such as bee sting remedies, tick removers, antiseptic towelettes, burn dressings, elastic wraps, and splints.

Instructions for First Aid Kits

All first aid kits, even promotional ones, should come with a quick reference guide or a booklet that explains the administration of first aid. The best kit makers pay very close attention to the quality of these guides, and providers should do the same.

First Aid Supplies for Specific Uses

Just as one would with a homemade kit, users should supplement their promotional first aid kits with additional supplies for longer trips, as well as supplies that are specific to the destination, group members, and planned activities.

A First Aid Kit is a Great Promotional Tool

It's an unfortunate fact of life that an injury can happen anywhere, at any time. That's part of the reason why first aid kits make great promotional giveaways—and companies of all sizes can benefit from them. Community organizations and schools that hand them out show how much they care about children's safety and health. Vacation spots, hotels, and campgrounds can use them to demonstrate their commitment to a superb guest experience. Even a health insurance company can use them to tell clients that they're more than a policy number and a monthly premium.

Any time a company distributes promotional items, they send current and potential customers a message: that they care about the client and their business is valued. A first aid kit can send a magnified version of such a message. When companies hand out first aid kits, they let customers know their well-being and safety are top priorities. Imprinted kits are available to suit a range of needs and budgets, but they all send the same important message.