Engraved Metal Pens With Your Branding

Our range of metal pens can be seen in the hands of corporate executives and staff everywhere!. They are similar in function to our plastic pens, yet give off a more impressive view of your company or brand. A metal pen will last for decades in the hands of the recipient and has a higher perceived value than plastic, therefore clients will feel more valued if you provide them this great item. Our engraving is carried out using laser methods and the accuracy of this process is measured in micrometers, As always we offer extremely competitive prices and a completely free pre-production mock up of your pens so you know exactly what your ordering prior to committing to one cent of expenditure.

The Many Benefits of Engraved Promotional Pens

There are so many different avenues that companies can choose when it comes to marketing themselves. Indeed, if you counted the number of advertising channels that the modern company has at its disposal, you’d probably be counting all day.

However, as many different ways, as there are to promote your brand, not many comes close to offering the advantages that promotional metal pens can offer your organization. Here a just a few of them.

Metal Promo Pens Offer Longevity

One of the main advantages of promoting your business with promotional pens is that they are highly functional. As such, you can be certain that almost everyone who receives one of your custom imprinted pens will get plenty of usage out of it.

If this is the case for typical promo pens, it's doubly true for metal promo pens, as they're life expectancy tends to be much longer than that of the typical plastic pen. In fact, the only reason that one couldn't go on using a personalized metal pen indefinitely is that the ink will run out - at some point. However, outside of this occurring, they are amazingly durable.

Promotional Metal Pens Offer Suitability

While more expensive than plastic imprinted pens, metal pens certainly have their uses. In fact, if your company is keen on promoting its products and services with promotional items, it's best to purchase both plastic and metal promo pens. Doing so would allow you to segment the pens according to the purpose.

For instance, plastic promo pens are perfect for distributing to large numbers of people. Alternatively, if your intent is to target your pen distribution more tightly, like to a specific market segment the metal pens could offer a better medium.

Metal Pens are the Perfect Freebie

Given the affordability of promotional metal pens, they make excellent freebies; this is especially true when you purchase them in larger quantities. Because let's be honest, which individual out there would ever think of turning down a free pen? Even if they don't anticipate an immediate use for it the typical recipient of a promotional pen is likely to put it down on their desk and forget about it, in which event someone else will eventually come along, 'borrow' the pen, and expose themselves to your marketing messages.

Metal Pens Are Highly Customizable

Metal pens allow you an endless variety of customizable options. For example, you can add a stylus tip, a key chain ring, a laser pointer, or text in any range of colors when using metal pens to promote your brand. Despite the many uses, this is something that plastic pens simply aren't meant to do. And of course, the more you're able to customize your promo items, the more they will stand out and promote your products and services.

Another great part about using promotional metal pens is the fact that they make for great "freebies." Promotional pens cost your business very little, but they can easily be given away to your customers.

Great Return on Marketing Spend

If you buy them in large enough quantities, purchasing promo pens are almost like getting free advertising. As one pen can share your message hundreds, if not thousands of times. Indeed, you never know whose hands your pens will end up in after you give them away and indeed, this is the whole point of promoting your brand with promotional marketing products.

If you’re looking for the right vehicle to market your business, look no further than custom imprinted metal pens. Try them for yourself and see why they’re in a category all to themselves!