Briefcases & Messenger Bags With Custom Branding

Give staff or high end clients a corporate messenger bag or a brief with your logo branding. These are excellent at events, expos and other functions and not only do they look awesome they get your brand seen and remembered by potential clients. For cost vs brand impressions bags are unbeatable and we have a great range of the most popular and well received messenger bags below. Simply browse through our range below and contact us for a written quote & free artwork.

Custom Branded Messenger Bags

The core concept of giving out a promotional product as a gift is to establish the principles of practicality, usefulness, and longevity in use. Messenger bags come across as a strong resemblance of these foundations for a company that wishes for wider visibility in the market. Custom branded messenger bags hence, are useful promotional products. The beneficiaries of this promotional piece of the product will ensure to use it in their daily lives, thereby relenting further impetus in the spreading of your brand name all over the globe. A fascinating fact observed by the ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) studied that a single bag can cause about 5,800 impressions in its lasting lifetime.

Promotional Products center has aggregated many brands to create beautiful and brand customized messenger bags. A custom branded messenger bag uses designs that highlight the brand logo in a simple, stress-free and cost-effective way. An idea of giving away a promotional gift at your industry specific event works in a wonderful way for people to recognize your brand and spread across in their minds.

Customize your brand logo on the messenger bag.

Brand logo and printing on customized accessories is the best way of maintaining a relationship with your potential clients. Messenger bags are soon becoming popular amongst the working class, especially men.

Ideal for company meetings, annual celebrations, conventions, conferences, exhibitions, orientations, trade shows and more such gathering meets that immediately validate your presence in the market. These bags feature stunning screen-printed, full-color digital, or embroidered imprinting options.

Prolonged brand exposure through useful stationary or accessory product items is why many companies choose to gift options for brand promotions. Targeting potential customers and nurturing pre-existing clients with something as valuable an incentive that helps within their daily lives is a thoughtful idea. A messenger bag, briefcases or laptop bag is a time-tested gifting idea that never fails. Also, these bags appeal to a broad category of users ranging from younger professionals to veteran executives or senior managers. They are sure to be considering it as a very thoughtful gifting idea.

Designing custom branded messenger bags with the company logo.

Just because your business is giving away bags meant to express sophistication and branding, it is not to say the bags lose their style quotient. We believe in making traditional products your audiences will devour and love. You can browse our selection of printing styles and options. Choose bolder and bright colors for a younger audience or accent colors to suit your branding quotient. For an urbane look, select bags having solid colors and materials defining suave like leather. 

Both screen printing, debossing and embroidery is available with your choice of bags. The very value of your messenger bag can be increased by just changing its color, material, imprinting scheme or embroidery.

A little bit of market research can go a long way when measuring the color and material choice for that right messenger bag. However, choosing a color, material and features is of vitality as the appearance will appeal to your audience thereby tempting them to carry your brand’s name wherever they go.

Promotional Messenger Bags carry your company’s branding in varied locations.

Stand out from your competitor by choosing messenger bags that relate to your brand’s unique qualities. A utility office goer’s bag must contain comfortable shoulder straps, carry handles, one small and a large compartment to organize important files, papers, books, laptop or any other work related items. These features can be customized. Upgradation of standard looking bags is possible via premium padded straps and adding additional pockets with zippered closures. Messenger bags are ideal for those constantly on the go; you can choose the one’s or customize existing bags to include extra padding for fragile tech items like laptops or a convenient headphone port.

To choose the color or material, understand that each person has their distinctive taste. In the case your custom messenger bags are targeted towards a younger demographic of individuals, banking on bright, trending colors, as well as materials that are sustainable and wear-resistant, will be a good idea. For a more experience population of senior members, the simple, classic look works the best. The leather is an excellent choice of material for such individuals.

Do not worry about breaking your budget; these messenger bags are perfect for an executive gift with a reasonable cost which will prove to be a high investment towards those customers looking to build their trust with your company. Brand recognition will immediately reflect with this thoughtful gifting idea.